• Your Awesome Product

  • We Design the Packaging

  • We Create a 3-D Mockup

  • 3-D Design and Approval Saves Time

  • Fits Like a Glove!

  • You Approve and We Produce It

  • Ready to Ship!

Lowering the Cost to Design and Develop New Packaging

M-Line uses cutting edge 3D computer modeling software for packaging concept design and development. Send us a model file of your product and we will design the virtual packaging around it. This allows you to spend valuable time engineering your product while we engineer the packaging.


  • Lowest cost method to develop new packaging
  • Huge time saver for engineers
  • Fast Prototype/Sample turnaround
  • Strict Quality Control Certified to ISO 9001 with Design
  • Drawing and Model Files can be shared with your engineering and quality departments